Fee Breakdown

Shipping Methods


Options Estimated Time Cost
by Air 2-6 weeks 13,000FRS per kg
by Sea ~3 months ~5FRS per cm3
Shipping options


How do you receive your items?

Option Cost
Pick up by you in Douala (Gabon bar, Logpom) FREE
Delivery to you by Cee & Vee in Douala 1,000FRS
Delivery to you by Cee & Vee outside of Douala 2,000FRS
Delivery Options


How do we charge for a preorder?

We charge a service fee of 10% of the order amount. 50% of the total amount (order amount + service fee), is required before we ship the order.

For example: If you want to purchase shoes for 100,000frs, and they weigh 1kg. It will cost 13,000frs to ship to Cameroon. Let's say you live in Bamenda. It will cost 2,000frs to send the package to you via bus agency. This gives the order amount at, 115,000frs. The service fee will be 11,500frs (10% of 115,000frs). So the total order amount is: 126,500frs. An advance of 63,250frs is required before we purchase and ship your order


Term Explanation
Order Amount This is the cost of the items plus, shipping from USA to CMR, plus shipping within CMR
Service Fee This fee, is for the time we spend with you to make sure we get your order correct. This includes logistics, and final delivery to you.

Service Fee is 10% of the Order Amount
Total Order Amount Order Amount plus Service Fee
Advance 50% of the Total Order Amount required, before your items are purchased and shipped
Explanation of terms