About Us

What is Cee & Vee?

Cee & Vee is a lifestyle brand


Core Values

  • Affordability: Spend less to look chic and classy
  • Customer Service: Your satisfaction is our priority
  • Adaptability: We convert what you crave to reality

Our Mission:

  • Make the millennial woman look and smell sophisticated at a minimal cost 
  • Provide seamless logistics for online shoppers at a very affordable rate
  • Advise travelers and fun lovers on the best spots to visit in Cameroon

Our Vision:

The Cee & Vee shopper is a millennial who loves to look and smell good, As well as cruise in all the beautiful places at very customer friendly rates. 

Cee & Vee values satisfying all clients in her niche. Putting smiles on the faces of all those who are visitors in Cameroon. Cee & Vee makes sure those clothes, shoes and fragrance screenshots secretly saved in her prospective clients' phones become a reality. Providing top customer services from the moment of initial contact, to the final delivery with excellent logistics.

Cee & Vee's main vision is to create a social village of happy millennials who can satisfy their beauty and recreational cravings within a very short time frame at a very friendly cost.  

We strive to be the trendy millennials best friend 



Kongnyuy Clarise Yuri is a savvy Marketing and Sales professional with 6+ years experience, born in the North West Province



Vitavi Nsamenang is a sassy Software Engineer professional with 9+ years experience, born in the North West Province

Our Story:

Cee & Vee was founded in 2020 by Clarise (Cee) and Vitavi (Vee).

We met as teenagers in St. Augustine’s College Nso, in the North West Province of Cameroon. Batch of '99. We have been best friends ever since, and now business partners.

Cee & Vee is built on friendship, powered by family