Spectra Beauté

Spectra Beauté



3245 Rue koloko Bonapriso Douala

Tel: +237 6 99 73 66 71

Opposite Chinese Restaurant, Bastos - Yaoundé 

Tel: +237 6 95 69 54 75

Spectra waiting area in Douala 



Spectra Beauté is the place to go if you want to experience the optimum level of being pampered. 


Inside Spectra in Yaoundé

Inside Spectra in Yaoundé 


The staff welcomes and treats you like you’re the only customer. The staff is very professional, and pays close attention to your needs. They make recommendations on what can help make your experience more exquisite. 

They have a wide variety of samples for every service they offer. They take time to explain the service to make sure your visit is to your satisfaction.


Inside Spectra in Douala

 Inside Spectra in Douala


They call to remind you about your appointment. They’re also available via WhatsApp, and quick to respond on your inquiries. They honor their appointments. Their security guards can hail cab for you upon request. They can help you buy anything from around the premises.



They only accept Orange Money for mobile payments. 



Make a reservation at least two days ahead. They don’t work on Mondays


Methods of payment:

Orange Money, cash or a debit card. We advise against debit or credit cards because, if there’s a problem with the transaction, it’s a strenuous process to get your money back. 


In front of Spectra in Douala


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