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Carrefour Berlux, Bonamoussadi - Douala

Tel: +237 6 94 57 24 30 / +237 6 96 43 81 72


In front of Opium Bonamoussadi



Opium is a cosmopolitan nightclub, with energetic music, a mature crowd, pool tables and other games. 

What stood out to us is the wide range of musical genres and the seamlessness in which the DJ transitions from on genre to another. 


Music at Opium 



Opium gives sports bar vibes, since the screen popular football or basketball games. 

This place has the best pork skewers of all the places we visited. The staff is quite friendly and will cheerfully take your pictures upon request.


Opium menu

Opium menu



Lots of games to play. There’s not much difference between sitting inside or outside with regards to music and having to the tv screens. Except for mosquitoes, and rain where there’s no shade



If you don’t go there early like 9-10pm, you might not have a place to sit. 



Make a reservation if you have a large group. 

They don’t serve water for free. If you want water, make it part of your order. 


Bill served at Opium


Method of payment:

They accept mobile money and cash. We advise against debit or credit cards because, if there’s a problem with the transaction, it’s a strenuous process to get your money back. 



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