La Marquise

La Marquise




Rue Tokoto - Bonapriso, Douala, Next to Croissanterie Total

Tel: +237 6 98 43 43 43


Entrance to La Marquise



La Marquise is an establishment that provides an upscale fine dining experience at the upper level and fast food with a flare of fancy at the lower level. 


Restaurant / Upper Level

Fast Food / Lower Level


The atmosphere at La Marquise is very calm and dignifying. The staircase that leads to the upper level is breathtaking. 


Stairs to restaurant level

 La Marquise Table setting

The service is impeccable. The waiters actually anticipate your needs, and are proactive. So you don’t need to beckon them. If you don’t understand the menu, the waiter takes time to explain. The waiters also know the right angles for you to take a picture. You’re sure to have lots on Instagram worthy pictures at La Marquise


Food at La Marquise

Dessert at La Marquise 



The place is easy to find. Customer Service is superior. They actually called us back when we tried to make a reservation, and the phone dropped. There are sections for groups. Your order doesn’t take long to come. It was so good we had to go back two more times, both to the restaurant and the fast food section. The fast section has an indoor play area for kids, with everything from chicken nuggets, burgers, fried chicken, to pizza. La Marquise staff will joyfully take you a picture upon request.



For someone who values privacy, might not be comfortable with the waiters stationed at each corner of the restaurant. But we found out this actually good because they noticed our table was crowded and brought a chair for us to place our handbags. Also, brought an extra plate for us to place the lobster shells. 



The security guards, dressed in suits, at the entrance could come across as intimidating. Since this is not common at restaurants. But they are just there to make sure that you go to the right venue since they do both fast food and fine dining. 

They don’t serve water for free. If you want water, make it part of your order. 


Methods of payment:

They don’t accept mobile money. Be sure to have cash or a debit card. We advise against debit or credit cards because, if there’s a problem with the transaction, it’s a strenuous process to get your money back. 


La Marquise Takeout bag

La Marquise Restrooms

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