Kenny’s Great House

Kenny’s Great House




Rue 1.795, Yaoundé, Cameroon

Tel: +237 6 97 21 30 30

 Entrance to Kenny's Great House



Kenny’s Great House offers a vibrant restaurant, lively lounge, a private night club, a cozy hotel, with and enchanting outdoor pool. 


Inside Kenny's Great House

Inside Kenny's Great House


At every corner in Kenny’s, you’re guaranteed to have an Instagram worthy picture. Even as you exit the restrooms at the upper level. 


Near upper level restroom at Kenny's Great House


If you want a quiet and cozy environment, go to the restaurant area. For music lovers, you can go to the lounge area. Kenny’s is ideal for both day and night outings. 


Kenny's Great House menu

Kenny's Great House menu



Beautiful environment, the staff is friendly and engaging. Wherever you are, trust to have an amazing picture. When we complained about mosquitoes, the issue was taken care of promptly 



The lounge area might be very cold in the evening, so dress accordingly if you plan on sitting outside. There are lots of mosquitoes in the area, so wear mosquito repellent or request the waiter to spray under the table.



Delivery times could be improved. While we were there, it took so long to bring our drinks, which discouraged us from ordering food. 

They don’t serve water for free. If you want water, make it part of your order. 


Methods of payment:

They don’t accept mobile money. Be sure to have cash or a debit card. We advise against debit or credit cards because, if there’s a problem with the transaction, it’s a strenuous process to get your money back. 



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