Chef Nina's Cuisine

Chef Nina's Cuisine




Mobile Njo Njo, Station Ola (Opposite Usine Brasseries)

Tel: +237 6 99 67 42 10 / +237 6 77 45 86 46


Chef Nina's Graffiti wall



This restaurant is in a residential area. Seems it was someone’s house that was transformed into a restaurant. You get a feeling of familiarity ones you walk in. The decor is Afrocentric. The establishment makes you feel at home.


Chef Nina's Entrance

Chef Nina's Sitting Area

Chef Nina's Liquor Collection


The cuisine served is traditional Cameroon, food from all parts of the country. The menu is quite vast. If you don’t find what you want there, there’s a chance it’s on the daily menu or you can ask the waiter.


Chef Nina's Menu

Chef Nina's Menu

Chef Nina's Menu



They attend to you quickly and your food comes fast. They offer delivery service, and cater to events



The place can be hard to find since it’s inside the neighborhood. Call them for directions or use GPS



A place to go with your work colleagues for lunch or after work. Great for home deliveries 

They don’t serve water for free. If you want water, make it part of your order. 


Methods of payment:

They accept Mobile Money. Otherwise, be sure to have cash or a debit card. We advise against debit or credit cards because, if there’s a problem with the transaction, it’s a strenuous process to get your money back. 


Chef Nina's Bill


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