Boukarou Lounge

Boukarou Lounge




Rue De Narvik, Yaoundé

Tel: +237 6 95 45 28 28 


In front of Boukarou Lounge



Boukarou Lounge is the go to place for Cameroonian live music. The establishment is adorned with Cameroonian culture. The artifacts, as well as the hand carved seats from wood, are all locally sourced. 


Outside Boukarou Lounge


As you enter the premises, you are greeted by an elaborate water fountain, illuminated by a colorful display of lights. The tables and chairs are dressed in traditional fabrics. Some tables have traditional musical instruments. The stage is at the center of it all with the musicians and artists, playing live music. 


Entering Boukarou Lounge



Live music, Cameroonian artists, Instagram worthy pictures. They have both local and international cuisine. You can join the artist on the stage and dance. 



The place could be overcrowded. It’s advisable to make a reservation. 



It’s best to go there on a Friday night. You can also check on their website, to see if your favorite artist is scheduled to perform. 

They don’t serve water for free. If you want water, make it part of your order. 


Methods of payment:

They accept mobile money, cash or debit cards. We advise against debit or credit cards because, if there’s a problem with the transaction, it’s a strenuous process to get your money back. 


Surprise Artist

 Longue Longue

 Covering Le nyama song

 Artist covering some oldies

 Artist covering various songs


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